Not so long ago Pure Ktchn was nothing more than an idea for a blog. An outlet for our obsession with health and nutrition. We wanted to promote superfoods, healthy dishes and share ways to prepare them without compromising taste, all while retaining as much of the ingredients’ nutritional value as possible.

As the idea sprouted and evolved, we realized the best way to teach people and to have them  understand real health food is to open a restaurant and start cooking for them.

In 2016, after long planning and much hard work, we opened Pure Ktchn in Hell’s Kitchen. Today after 2 years we are thankful for all the support and love from our beloved costumers. 


We aim to make nutritious food that supports both our health and the environment.

Nothing fried, no added sugars, no soy, no chemicals, just 100% pure and organic ingredients from Mother Earth. By making everything fresh every single day, we maintain the highest nutritional value. All of our nut cheeses, nut butter, nut milk is made in house daily using organic ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

We are striving to improve Pure Ktchn every day, and to bring our food and passion everywhere it is needed.

Let’s help each other for a better now and future!